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Payroll Services

Payroll & PAYE Returns

The last thing as a business you want to do is make a mistake when paying your employees! Payroll can be time consuming and complex in some circumstances, and we can run and operate payroll services for your business. This includes:

  • Providing you with employee payslips;
  • Payroll summary reports with every pay run;
  • Providing you with any tax liability to pay to HMRC;
  • Dealing with starters and leavers;
  • Posting payroll journals into bookkeeping software;
  • Filing Real Time Information (RTI) PAYE returns with HMRC;
  • Year-end returns and reports, including employee P60’s and P11d benefit and expenses returns.
  • Offsetting CIS tax deducted from your sales against PAYE liabilities;
  • Advising on tax efficient remuneration packages for company directors.

Construction Industry Scheme

If you operate within the construction industry and use subcontractors, then you will need to complete and submit monthly CIS returns. We can help assist you with this including:

  • Preparing and submitting monthly CIS returns with HMRC;
  • Providing you with subcontractor payslips;
  • Providing you with any tax liability to pay to HMRC.


If you employ at least one person you must have a pension scheme set-up to be able to offer them to join. In some cases, if they earn over particular thresholds they must be automatically enrolled on to the pension scheme.

We can help assist you with this, including:

  • Explaining to you and helping you to understand how a company pension scheme works and why it requires setting up;
  • Setting up a pension scheme;
  • Managing the scheme – this will involve keeping a record of staff and how and when they need to be enrolled depending on each individual circumstance, enrolling staff where necessary on to the scheme, and submitting pension contributions to the pension provider;
  • Operating the scheme alongside your payroll scheme.