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Bookkeeping & VAT


For many business owners, bookkeeping is an unpleasant and stressful burden to their working week and they would much rather be out working and earning money.

We can take the stress of paperwork out of your hands…

  • Save yourself time and ultimately the additional opportunities to earn money.
  • No more worries with getting to grips with excel spread-sheets or accounting software, and no more time spent working out how to treat specific receipts, payments and journals – leave it to the pro’s!
  • Preparation and filing of quarterly VAT returns can be included. Please see our section on VAT Returns.
  • Management accounts and in-year figures can be prepared much easier during the year. Unlike preparing year-end accounts and financial statements, the data will be regularly up to date meaning business planning and decisions can be taken in a much more prompt manner. Please see our section for Management Accounts and Financial Information for more details.
  • Estimated tax liabilities can be calculated as you go along, ensuring there are no nasty end of year surprises.

VAT Returns

VAT is extremely complex and can be a minefield at times! It is important that you are aware what can and cannot be claimed by your business with regards to VAT.

Alongside bookkeeping services, we can also prepare your VAT returns for you. This will ensure that VAT returns are prepared and filed within filing deadlines (for quarterly returns, the deadline is only one month and seven days following the end of the quarter). It also ensures that you will be paying and claiming the correct VAT.

Additional VAT services that we can assist or provide include:

  • VAT registrations;
  • Information and advice on different VAT schemes and how they may be suitable for your business;
  • Liaising with HMRC with regards to disputes;
  • Assistance with VAT inspections.


You may wish to do your own bookkeeping and/or VAT returns. If you do wish to do this but feel you are not quite experienced enough, we can provide you with training and support.

This will include:

  • Recommending techniques for keeping your books and records in good order;
  • Ideas to help reduce the time spent on bookkeeping;
  • Training on VAT – understanding how VAT is calculated and accounted for, how this is adopted into your bookkeeping, etc;
  • Advice on the right bookkeeping systems and software to adopt for your business;
  • Specific training and support on bookkeeping software.