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There is a huge array of software now on the market for bookkeeping and payroll. These range both in price and functions available. With some software there can also be additional integration with other software tools.

We are always happy to discuss your requirements and recommend software that we feel would be most suited for you and your business. We have our own accounts with some software and may also be able to provide you with a cheaper option than the standard RRP.

What we would strongly recommend is whichever software you choose is a cloud-based option. Many desktop software products are now old and may not be supported by the provider anymore. There are several benefits to using cloud-based software, including:

  • Accessibility – Desktop software is installed on one computer, whereas cloud software can be accessed from multiple computers and potentially tablets and mobile phones.
  • Data Security – No risk of losing key data on your computer as the software and data entered is backed up in the cloud.
  • Integration – As mentioned above, some cloud software integrates with other software tools which can improve the efficiency and quality of the bookkeeping data being entered.
  • Multi-User Access – This can be given to multi-users with different levels of accessibility provided per user. This also allows you to provide access to us as a user allowing us access to your data and to help support you should there be any issues.

Our Software

In addition to advising you and your business with regards to different software packages, we also use our own practice management software that allows us to remain interactive with you.

The software features a built-in cloud storage feature, with your own client portal. Here we can safely upload documents to you such as accounts and tax returns, allowing you to electronically sign them and they will also remain in the area for unlimited access to them. You will be able to download them whenever you may require them. The online portal also allows you to be able to upload documents safely to us.